Nailsworth Community Workshop

Private craft parties


Our silverwork workshop can be brought to you or your organisation – be that a school, youth club, business or your home. It is a great group activity which can be used to mark any celebration. All we need are some sturdy tables and willing participants. We can offer one session of two hours when you can make a simple ring or several allowing you to move onto something more complicated.

When we go into groups of young people and adults we have experienced the joy of the participants when they walk away with a finished ring they have produced by their own hard work. As a demonstration of what craft can achieve this is an excellent activity. People walk away feeling good about themselves with increased confidence.

For costs and further details contact us.


We offer a one day blacksmithing party in your garden where you can make a poker, letter opener or a hook out of steel which you will heat over a forge and shape whilst hot. The age limits are 7–15 with parents or 16 upwards on their own. The day is led by Arian Leljack who is a experienced blacksmith and is fully DBS checked. He has been teaching for the past 25 years.

For costs and further details contact us.