Nailsworth Community Workshop

Pi Guitars - built differently

Pi Guitars is our latest project, building the finest quality guitars using recycled and locally source wood, hand made Bare Knuckle pickups and top class hardware with a team of volunteers.

  • Over the years the musical instrument industry has been partially responsible for the destruction of the world’s rain forests.  So our guitars are made completely from recycled and locally sourced timber.   

  • An increasing number of people struggle with anxiety and their mental health. So whilst building guitars in our community workshop,  we  simultaneously build confidence, self belief and transferable skills in all who attend.

We plan to sell the finished guitars  to help support the project, or to donate them to community projects which support mental health and wellbeing.

We are looking for people to help build the guitars.  So if you have time on a Friday morning to come into the workshop you will become part of a team and learn how to build an electric guitar.

As well as funding the project by selling the guitars we are also looking for sponsorship. So please get in touch with us if you are interested in knowing more and how to donate.  The guitars will also be available to buy for £1,000. Please drop in to see and play them if you are interested.  Just call Pam on 07971 737626.

More information is on instagram pi_guitars and