Nailsworth Community Workshop

Knife making evening course

Knife making is held on a Tuesday evening 7.30-9.30 and is run by Arian Leljak. In light of the current climate of knife crime we have recently raised the age for this course.  It is now open to 18 years upwards unless accompanied by an adult or with parental consent. We offer this opportunity to make a knife as a tool never as a weapon. 

You will work to your chosen design to create a blade out of high-carbon steel. You will learn how to harden and temper the steel in order to achieve an excellent cutting edge. The handles will be made of variety of woods, to meet your aesthetic sense and to fit your hand. Finally we will make sheaths by moulding veg-tanned leather.

The cost is of making a knife is £150 which covers nine weeks and all materials. If you take longer than nine weeks to finish your knife and sheath you can pay each week at £10 a week until you have finished.

This course makes an ideal present for any adventurous person in your life. Call Arian on 07805 304204 or email him on or contact Pam for more information or to book onto the course. The evening can be joined at any time.