Nailsworth Community Workshop

Home education mornings
10–18 year olds

These mornings are open to all children, aged ten to 18. We will always try to find a project that is both suited to a person's ability and is something they want to make. We use traditional hand tools and locally sourced wood, wherever possible, and encourage anyone who comes to the workshop to complete their project to the very best of their ability. Everyone is encouraged to give attention to detail and they always end up with a beautiful object that they are proud of. We aim to create an atmosphere of warmth and fun where everyone feels comfortable and encouraged to do their best.


We teach projects in wood suitable for all levels from a simple carved bowl to musical instruments and furniture. Some of the things that have made on these mornings over the past year include stools, dove-tailed boxes with marquetry lids, candle holders, spoons, wooden animals, snow boards, butter boards and knives, guitars, drums, lyres, and go-carts.


We offer a basic introduction to silversmithing. This starts with the making of simple silver rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings and moves to more complicated stone-setting.

The cost is £12.50 plus materials payable every half term. If you are interested you are invited to come and meet us and see how the workshops works. Bursaries available.


This is taught at Hawkwood College on a Tuesday by Arian Leljak, a trained blackmith and teacher. There is a group in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The morning session is four hours and is for 12  upwards and the afternoon is two and a half hours and is for 10 upwards. It costs £25 per morning and £15 per afternoon, including material costs. To book a place please call or email  Arian 07805 304204 There are only up to five in each group. Projects include hooks, pokers and knives.


"Nailsworth Community Workshop is a fantastic go to place for young people in the area. Its been an amazing and consistent resource for my two home educated children over the past five years. I can't thank Gavin and Pam enough! "

“Just to say thanks so much for the wonderful classes my girls are attending with you and your team at Nailsworth on Fridays. My daughter’s lyre was so beautiful, what a fantastic opportunity.”

“Amy attends woodwork classes on a Friday morning. The team are wonderful and over the years they have taught her so many skills. she has made a box, bowls, a lyre and the most beautiful silver rings, all of the most amazing quality. Pam and Gavin seem to work magic with the children at the Home Ed workshops, filling them with confidence. Amy has been going for nearly five years now and Friday is her favourite day of the work. She is now hoping to go to college to continue her love of woodwork.”